Adidas presents 15 years of Gonz

Adidas presents 15 years of Gonz

Recent exhibition at the old Paramount building, Surry Hills.

I've always been inspired by designers / artists/ musicians that cross the voids of creativity, from sub-cultures such as surf and skate, to provide the public with visual goodies. So when I got a few tickets from The Thousands to the launch of Adidas's exhibition '15 years of Gonz' I was more than a little happy.

Mark Gonzales has in my mind (and others I grew up with) been the founding father of street skateboarding. I'd go into more depth, but this interview with Huck magazine does far more justice than I ever could.


Having Toast Creative situated in the heart of Surry Hills, I guess the creative hub of Sydney, it's a blessing to get to walk out the studio and enjoy exhibitions, film and other creative pursuits. This exhibition is one of the highlights so far, the exhibition consisted of 6 photographers work helping showcase and document the story of The Gonz and Adidas all situated around a bunch of Adidas Originals and other skate shoes Mr Gonzales had created in his 15 years.

The exhibition is rocketing off around the globe so if you get the chance I fully recommend a visit…