When you experience the world,  you expect the world

When you experience the world, you expect the world

How a powerful brand can maintain strong audience engagement, even in the most fragile market environment.

Faced with an uncertain economic outlook, the success of Australian property developers will, now more than ever, hinge on the quality of their branding & marketing.

In a time where the buyer pool is shrinking, projects lacking focussed market positioning may struggle to meet organisational and financial goals. Developers will therefore need to demonstrate clear and compelling value propositions to achieve the audience cut-through required to maintain business as usual.

To stay ahead of the competition and thrive through tough market conditions, companies must recognise and respond to the following objectives:

1/ Understand their customers

The first step to winning the hearts and minds of consumers is understanding their exact needs. This acknowledgment will help you to design and develop properties that attract the right attention, and to deliver a compelling corporate brand identity that can be marketed effectively across multiple marketing channels and projects.

We worked closely with Luxcon to identify exactly what their target audiences were thinking, and what they needed to hear from a property developer in order to actively consider buying one of their properties.

Key considerations we uncovered included:

1. Trust is paramount: In this time of global uncertainty, audiences need to know that a developer is committed (and able) to follow through completely on their promises.

2. Attention must be paid to the details: Each and every detail must be taken into account and delivered to the standard expected of a prestige developer.

3. Projects must be unique: Each development should be tailored from the ground up and reflect unique design characteristics.

4. Value for money: No matter what price-point a property is listed at, it must out-deliver its competitors; more than just a home, a luxury residence becomes a sign of distinction.

5. Customer service with care: Customers should be treated with the same level of care and commitment that their property is, particularly in the luxury market.

2/ Define who they are and what they offer

After understanding the innate needs of target audiences, a developer must define their core identity. Beyond just what they do, a business must explain why they do it – after all, this driving vision is what will win the loyalty and advocacy of customers.

Additionally, a clearly stated brand identity will allow an organisation to implement a focussed strategic approach across all business functions and marketing activities.

We help brands to craft their identities by delving into all aspects of their origins and aspirations. In Luxcon’s case, stakeholder interviews revealed that the well-travelled, worldly perspective of Managing Director Ilya Melnikoff and his senior leadership team was an important core business driver, with each development clearly guided by diverse cultural influences.

Immersing ourselves in Luxcon’s projects revealed that an equally important element of the developer’s identity was an all-encompassing commitment to quality, with a genuine attention to detail evident in each of their developments.

These insights were further explored in a collaborative brand workshop and led to the development of Luxcon’s vision statement: “We aim to craft timeless living spaces that deliver elevated lifestyles, influenced by the world”.

Rather than simply listing luxury as a goal, this statement defines what Luxcon’s idea of luxury actually is, as a foundation upon which the developer’s brand positioning was developed.

3/ Translate authentic identity into unique market positioning:

An authentic brand identity must be evolved into a compelling market positioning that resonates deeply with target audiences.

Luxcon believes in sourcing inspiration from a melting pot of international cultural influences to evolve, redefine and elevate the concept of luxury living, and this core pillar is what allows them to play above the category of luxury developer. Luxcon’s unique and visionary worldview was distilled into the brand’s Big Idea: ‘Of the World’.

This concept establishes a rich creative territory that celebrates Luxcon’s uniquely global perspective. This allows Luxcon to strategically establish itself as a brand possessing the worldliness of a nomadic collector; sourcing ideas, crafts and influences from luxurious international destinations to artfully inspire a series of iconic, world-class destinations.

This concept is conveyed through the crafted nature of Luxcon’s new visual identity and logotype, which reflects a timeless heritage and an essence of quality and sophistication. It was then developed into a brand tagline that summarises the elevated standards of both Luxcon and its target audiences:

When you experience the world, you expect the world.

4/ Create a website that delivers a unique brand experience

Marketing activities are no longer linear – as soon as your digital-marketing campaigns have been perfected, they must evolve. However, all initiatives must strive (whether directly or indirectly) to achieve the most important sales function – closing the deal.

This means your website must be at the top of the game, providing an experience that is both authentic and aligned with the needs of target audiences:

• The obvious: Allow your customer to find what they are looking for with a great UX/UI and relevant content

• The magic of a big creative idea: Introduce visitors to your unique proposition and immerse them to your world. In Luxcon’s case, this is brought to life through the movement, feeling, and distinctiveness of the cultural influences and lifestyle elements that are revealed at each step of the journey.

It’s important to note that some people may not connect with the experience you deliver, but that’s okay! What matters is that it resonates strongly with your target audiences – in trying to please everyone, you may end up pleasing no one, which is why making a strong statement is justified as long as it is authentic and reflects audience insights.

Embarking your audience on a journey into your world is the path to acquiring not just sales, but loyal customers who advocate for your brand and help further your cause.

When they experience your world, you can expect the world – this is the benefit of applying an in-depth strategic approach to your brand and marketing activities.