Fight For Free Range - The Changing Face of Food Marketing

Fight For Free Range - The Changing Face of Food Marketing

Last month news broke across Australia of a national shortage of free-range eggs, certainly a significant and obvious sign of our changing cultural norms in recent years. In March, the Federal Government redefined the term “free-range” relating to eggs. The new definition requires each chicken to have one square metre of space and “meaningful and regular access” to the outdoors. Three months on, eggs are disappearing from shelves as demand increases and certified farms decrease.

As the demand for food has increased, production methods and farming practices have changed, meaning poorer conditions, worse treatment of animals and subpar produce. However as public knowledge of these practices increases and opinions change, marketers are fuelled by a growing demand for fresh, free-range, humanely sourced, and organic food.

One such outlet responding to this call without compromise is Birds, a gourmet chicken cafe and take away with a hands-on approach and farm to kitchen philosophy.  Toast Creative crafted unique, playful branding for the business that emphasises its down-to-earth backbone and strong brand ethos. When customers are steadfastly demanding to know where their food is coming from and how it’s being treated, the only way to grow and thrive is by being transparent and maintaining integrity all the way through the business and branding, from production methods through to sustainable packaging and honest, friendly customer service.

See more of the Birds branding and design here.

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