Future Making: The Power of Prioritising Your People

Future Making: The Power of Prioritising Your People

Future Makers™ Series: Team & Culture
(culture, wellbeing, hiring, diversity & inclusion)

When we consider sustainability and business, we often look outward towards our impact on the world around us. But how often do we consider sustainability in terms of the people working day in and day out to help your organisation achieve its goals?

The idea that your people are your organisation’s most precious resource is becoming more widely accepted and championed. The negative impact that a poor workplace culture has on employees is well evidenced in staff performance and retention. It is when employees feel safe, valued and supported that they are appropriately engaged and motivated, leading to increased creativity, innovation and growth. A focus on wellbeing can contribute to decreased absenteeism and turnover rates, as employees are more likely to stay with an organisation that genuinely cares about their welfare. So, prioritising staff wellbeing not only makes your organisation a more pleasant place for people to invest their time and energy - it is essential to your business’ sustainability.

“An organisation can’t thrive if people are coming and going, and performing below their peak. Engagement, motivation, diversity, inclusion and opportunity are all essential elements to wellbeing. And staff wellbeing is essential to performance.”

- Emile Rastoll, TOAST Head of Strategy

Company culture serves as the foundation upon which an organisation's values, beliefs, and behaviours are built. It plays a pivotal role in shaping employee experiences, job satisfaction, and overall performance. A positive company culture that champions diversity and inclusion not only attracts top talent, but also fosters a sense of belonging and purpose among employees.

It pays to prioritise your people.

According to globally recognised thought-leader Adriana Huffington, one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People and Forbes’ Most Powerful Women, “when businesses prioritise their peoples’ wellbeing, they’re more productive.” And this attitude is similarly reflected in stories and examples from high-performance athletes; elite sportspeople demonstrate time and time again that recovery and reflection is part of performance.

“Wellbeing at work has many elements. It’s working with a sense of passion and purpose. It’s establishing the right balance of recognition and reward. It’s opportunities for supported growth and development. It’s feeling safe and confident to come to work authentically as yourself. It’s physical needs like adequate rest, nutrition, hydration and a comfortable, safe environment. Then it’s the cultural element that is harder to implement and define: the teamwork, the energy and positivity, the diversity, inclusion and respect, the inspiration that fuels momentum, and the sense of collective effort that drives people to reach higher, lifting one another as they go.”

- Nick Sammut, TOAST Creative/Managing Director

By acknowledging the holistic needs of your workforce beyond their professional duties, you start creating an environment where physical, mental, and emotional health is supported. But getting it right isn’t something you can do overnight. Getting the right advice on employee culture that is tailored specifically to your team is essential for creating a profitable, productive environment where collective success is the result of individuals thriving at work.

Through a focus on staff culture and wellbeing, TOAST’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) capability introduces our team into your organisation to identify the strategic and operational roadmap to improve your corporate performance.

“It’s about promoting wellbeing through balanced, flexible work arrangements, providing access to wellness programs, encouraging breaks and vacations, and fostering a safe, supportive atmosphere that celebrates diversity and inclusion, and destigmatises mental health discussions. These efforts not only improve individual lives, but also create a more harmonious and collaborative workplace.”

- Nick Sammut, TOAST Creative/Managing Director

Regardless of your organisation’s size or sector, when you partner with TOAST to establish your CSR Strategy, our team will audit what your business is already doing to identify what we can optimise to support your people, identify opportunities for adjustment, and establish an implementation plan to support your organisation’s wellbeing journey. As Future Makers™ who understand the importance of leveraging brand from the core, we will help you to engage your customers and team alike by creating the tools and platforms that aptly communicate your strengths and initiatives.

“Ultimately, a company culture that prioritises wellbeing reflects a commitment to the holistic growth and happiness of its employees. In turn, this drives higher levels of job satisfaction, loyalty, and a positive reputation in the industry. By nurturing a culture of wellbeing, organisations lay the groundwork for sustainable success and contribute to the overall betterment of people’s lives.”

- Emile Rastoll, TOAST Head of Strategy

If you’re a business with an appetite for sustainable change but you’re not sure where to begin, TOAST’s team of Future Makers™ is the perfect partner to support your team to make the short and long-term adjustments to contribute to a bette future. Our team is driven by passion and we want to continue working in this changemaking space. That’s why socially responsible and progressive campaign development is a critical pathway of TOAST's vision to help brands of all sizes progress into the future on a pathway of growth and positive impact.

TOAST seeks to support brands, organisations, and initiatives working to better the future of our world. Please reach out to our team with any questions and project queries by emailing our Head of Strategy, Emile Rastoll, or Nicholas Sammut, our Managing / Creative Director, at hello@toastcreative.com.au.

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