Future Makers™

Future Makers™

Futuremaking: From brand identity to brand impact

At TOAST, we believe all businesses have the opportunity to use their business operations, products, services, choices and decisions as tools for positive change.

When set from the top, and implemented with passion and purpose, this mindset has the power to not only improve reputation, customer and staff engagement, but it also has the opportunity to place your business on the ‘right side of change’ and be part of something bigger.

As brand shapers who have long ascribed human attributes to brands such as ‘purpose’, ‘personality’ and ‘tone’, we are entering a new era of brand where it’s not enough to talk the talk. Customers and the community at-large are looking to brands to genuinely walk the walk.

It’s no longer enough to simply curate how your brand looks and what your brand says. It’s what you do that matters. And now, more than ever, the whole world is watching.

“We’ve seen the greenwashing of brands come and go. We have witnessed the meaningless brand participation in progressive social movements that aren’t backed up by genuine action. Collective corporate scepticism is at an all-time high.”

- Emile Rastoll, TOAST Head of Strategy.

Customers, clients, partners and team members are looking to businesses to take a leadership position in cultivating positive change, and now is the perfect time to consider how your business can play a role in creating a better future. Along with the risk of being left behind comes great opportunity to be at the forefront of this brave new movement. That’s why TOAST is so passionate about our role as futuremakers, using brand positioning, amplification and customer experience as opportunities to inspire genuine, positive action and impact.

“At TOAST, the decisions we make every day have an impact on the world around us. Who we choose to partner with or decline; the messages we project through the media; the diversity and inclusion of the images we create and publish, and ultimately, the action we inspire on behalf of our clients. And when working with international brands on a global scale, the opportunity to inspire positive change is amplified even more.”

- Nick Sammut, TOAST Creative Director.

As contributors and curators to mass media, it is our team’s great privilege and responsibility to inspire positive action, and reflect the kind of world we want for our future. And we believe any business has the capacity to contribute to a better world, and yield powerful outcomes as a result.

Impact is assured through TOAST’s futuremaking work on advocacy campaigns such as recent campaigns with WWF-Australia, covering renewable energy, conservation and innovative regeneration, and more recently global campaigns promoting sustainable cocoa agriculture with WWF worldwide.

But we believe businesses of any size, scale or sector have the opportunity to create positive impact through the work they do. That’s why our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) offering is a natural extension from our strategic brand development services. Once a brand is launched in collaboration with TOAST, there is then the opportunity to extend and amplify your brand ethos through your operations, services, product and culture through development and implementation of a comprehensive CSR strategy, customised and shaped to closely align with your existing activity. No matter what your business does or produces, we can collaborate to establish future-forward goals to create positive impact for the world, and ultimately your bottom line.

Our team at TOAST is driven by passion and we want to continue working in this changemaking space. That’s why socially responsible and progressive campaign development is a critical pathway of TOAST's ‘Future Makers™’ vision to help brands and companies progress into the future with positive growth, and positive impact. Stay tuned for more announcements in the futuremaking space.

We always seek to support brands, organisations and initiatives working to better the future of our world. Please reach out to our team with any questions and project queries, or email our Head of Strategy, Emile Rastoll, or Nicholas Sammut, our Managing / Creative Director, at hello@toastcreative.com.au

For more information about our brand and business solutions, please get in touch with our team.

At TOAST, we create strategic campaigns and creative brand identities which engage multiple stakeholders, uniting them around a common goal - to create a better future for Australia.

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