How TOAST brought Anavo to life

How TOAST brought Anavo to life

How TOAST brought Anavo to life - Working Towards a Sustainable Future

The Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability sectors are ever-growing, both in size and importance, and our team at TOAST endeavour to be part of this force for change.

Anavo, a subsidiary of The Polyglot Group, is a boutique recruitment agency within the renewable energy and sustainability sectors, and TOAST is the team behind their changemaking brand identity.

Inspired by the Greek word “Anávo” (to ignite), their firm connects businesses with the right people to help them instigate real sustainable change. “Anávo” was chosen for the brand name, encompassing their collective mission to ignite positive change and, paired with the tagline “The Energy To Do Better,” our brand narrative empowers people within environmental industries to drive the decarbonising change that our planet needs.

Renewable energy, energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or solar power, is oft-cited as the key solution to mitigate climate change. Through producing no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and consequently reducing some types of air pollution, renewable energy is a sector within environmental sustainability that is receiving apt global attention.

Through this diversification of energy supply and a reduced dependence on imported fuels, renewable energy not only betters our environment but also creates economic development through the creation of jobs in manufacturing, installation, and education.

This is where Anavo comes in.

Created by The Polyglot Group, Anavo is a Global Recruitment Agency specialising in industries focused on Renewable Energy, Environmental Action, and Sustainability. They partner with some of the most innovative, high-growth companies in the environmental sustainability sectors and match them with exceptional talent. Helping with Permanent Recruitment, Project & Specialist Hire, Global Mobility, Executive Search & Temporary Recruitment, their mission is to empower businesses and talents in the clean energy, environment & sustainability sectors to advance the climate action that our planet so desperately needs.

Anavo creates a bridge between businesses & talent to empower individuals and teams to work towards a sustainable future. This brand mission was what our team at TOAST was engaged to bring to life.

Our team has developed a knack for creating, introducing and growing some of Australia’s ‘good for the world’ organisations and campaigns, translating founder visions into sticky, memorable brands. Having previously worked with The Polyglot Group on their own corporate rebrand, our teams worked together to make their new future-focused brand vision a reality.

Through an iterative research process of interviews, industry analysis and an in-depth strategic workshop, our team developed a unique brand footprint that brought their business values to life. From aligning all stakeholders, both locally and globally, TOAST translated Anavo’s brand narrative into their unique visual identity, which has remained relevant, engaging and impeccably powerful through to today.  

At only 2 years old, having been created amidst the uncertain yet innovation-provoking time of the 2020 pandemic, Anavo already has a 10+ local employment team, a 15,000+ LinkedIn network and an extensive library of successful client case studies.

Their team has supported the growth ambitions and sustainability goals of global companies such as:

  • Enphase Energy
  • Akuo Energy
  • Cress Consulting  
  • SMA Solar Technology
  • Yingli Green Energy  

This rapid growth not only reflects the success of TOAST’s branding suite, our team being responsible for Anavo’s brand narrative, strategic footprint and visual identity, but the deep necessity for a platform such as this.

Climate change is affecting our world. It disrupts national economies and affects lives. It is in this light that Anavo is making a statement and playing a vital role. They are doing their part in helping the world transition to better practices for a better future.

Our team at TOAST is driven by passion and we want to continue working in this changemaking space. We seek to support brands, organisations and initiatives working to better the future of our world.

Please reach out to our team with any questions and project queries, or email our Head Strategist, Emile Rastoll emile@toastcreative.com.au  

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