Interview with Steven Isaacs

Interview with Steven Isaacs

Who are you?

Steven Isaacs, Architecture Saville Isaacs is a dynamic focused architectural practice providing a unique combination of award winning design skills and a strong commercial sensibility. Lisa Saville and I established the business in 2007 following our success in Hong Kong and South Africa.

How would you describe what you do?

We are a dynamic design focussed architectural and interior design practice focussing on residential architecture ranging from multi-unit to high-end luxury homes. Our extensive knowledge of the residential sector requirements and innovative design philosophy has created solutions that have met and exceeded the needs of both developers and end users.

How long have you been doing it for?

I have been practicing architecture for almost 30 years.

What work have you completed for Lenland?

The Gallery in Chatswood (36 units) and Synergy in Hornsby (105 units)

How have you made Teneo unique?

I think one of the unique features is the range of outdoor spaces, from the ground level gardens to the rooftop terraces.

How does Teneo fit seamlessly into Alexandria?

Alexandria is currently evolving from industrial to a vibrant residential precinct. In Ralph Street this process has only just begun, so Teneo will set the benchmark for the area.

What design trends are you seeing in 2017?

A move from the high contrast black and white interiors to more subtle and sophisticated palette of soft pale greys enriched with gold/brass highlights.

What's next?

Architecture Saville Isaacs has a range of exciting projects in concept stage as well as under construction.