Sculpted By Nature.

Sculpted By Nature.

COAST is a pure expression of modern luxury.

Resting on the sunny shores of Queensland’s famous Gold Coast, Coast is a 6-star beachfront, 43-story, residential development conceived in partnership with Sydney’s ‘dream team’; Australia’s award-winning developers Sammut Group, Sydney’s renowned PBD Architects, and  forward-thinking team at Toast Creative.

The first of its kind in Queensland, Coast is a follow up success from our first NSW development, in Cronulla, back in 2008. During the month of June, just 3 weeks after the development application, our campaign secured 80% of the total 43 apartment sales capacity, with each sale ranging between $3.5 million and $9 million, at an average of $4.5 million, resulting in a ‘record breaking’ total of $110M in conditional sales.

With the Sammut Group and TOAST both growing in scale alongside each other it was appropriate to bring the name back to life for the first Sammut Group venture which extended beyond NSW to the Gold Coast.

TOAST Creative began their work by digging into the changing dynamics of the beautiful beachside community, and understanding the vision of PBD Architects, whilst taking into consideration the changing structure of the Australian population and economic climate.

This exploratory research led to a series of strategic recommendations about the positioning of this truly unique residence and the development of the brand platform ‘Sculpted by Nature’.

TOAST Creative’s founder and creative genius, Nick Sammut, imagined COAST, and its connection to nature, to help fuel recognition of the development’s brand identity and amplify differentiation and uniqueness in a Queensland booming property market. Under Nick’s creative direction, TOAST crafted a series of beautifully designed CGI's, in collaboration with Sammut Group and Luda Studios, to showcase the luxury and vision behind PBD’s architectural brilliance.

With every detail of COAST being considered and tailored to create flow and equilibrium, the collaboration between the team has paved the way for a new wave of luxury design on the Gold Coast.


“At TOAST we have had a longstanding relationship with Sammut Group and PBD Architects and have realised and crafted the vision behind the design to ensure a seamless collaboration. The strategic partnership between design teams has led to architectural brilliance.” - TOAST, Founder, Nick Sammut

“In my opinion design excellence is achieved when a cohesive approach exists between the pragmatic and the beautiful. The PBD philosophy centres around a balance between pragmatic efficient spatial planning and quality, innovative Architecture. We are delighted to be a part of this journey with Sammut Developments in making COAST a truly iconic development. The attention to detail from interior finishes and detailing to Architectural intent is second to none.” - PBD Architects, Managing Director, Paul Buljevic

"The entire Sammut Group team is extremely excited about this upcoming project on the Gold Coast, PBD has worked to deliver a breathtaking concept and design which is worthy of such an iconic location and uniquely positioned building. The Sammut Group brand has a close synergy with first class luxury and we wanted to ensure that this was brought to life through the branding of COAST. This is why we once again engaged TOAST from the early stages on this project to help create this amazing piece. We are extremely excited to see this development come to fruition and amazed at the current success it has already achieved."- Sammut Developments, Development Director, Julian Sammut