The Business of Growth: The Dynamic Collaboration Behind So Shall We's Remarkable Rebrand

The Business of Growth: The Dynamic Collaboration Behind So Shall We's Remarkable Rebrand

Delving deep into the challenging landscape of digital marketing, the visionaries behind ‘So Shall We’ partnered with our creative minds at TOAST to embark on a transformative rebranding journey. 

For over a decade, So Shall We has been a trailblazer in digital marketing, leveraging data, creativity and strategic insight to create crazily positive results. 

Yet this growth and creative impetus was lacking in their brand. 

In the collaborative partnership between So Shall We and TOAST, the challenge was crystal clear: we needed to redefine So Shall We's external perception from 'just another social agency' to being aptly recognised as dedicated growth strategy and execution consultants.

As visionary Change Makers™, our Toasties identified the core objective of seamlessly blending artistry with intelligence, creating a narrative that resonates with both the rational and emotional aspects of their audience.

The strategic foundation that we fixed upon together positioned 'growth culture' as a mindset dedicated to unlocking limitless potential for both So Shall We’s staff and clients. And the creative solution is not just visually striking; it communicates and showcases So Shall We's commitment to delving into their clients' categories fearlessly. This identity emerged with the tagline, "Your Growth is our Business” and, centred around the question 'So, Shall We...?' inviting clients to engage, collaborate and exponentially grow.

The success of our collaborative rebrand is particularly evident in this corporate B2B sector, where TOAST's expertise in business transformation and in-depth strategy seamlessly complemented So Shall We's growth-oriented vision. The result is a brand that confidently stands as a leader in driving growth for its clients and a vibrant, powerful identity that encourages intrigue. 

The collaborative journey between So Shall We and TOAST showcases the power of a partnership founded on creative synergy and strategic alignment. The rebrand has not only successfully repositioned So Shall We as growth leaders but also exemplifies the potential unlocked when two visionary entities join forces. As So Shall We continues to shape the future of digital strategy, production, and implementation, the collaborative success with TOAST remains a shining example of the transformative impact that strategic branding can achieve.

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