Transforming Spaces for a Greener Future

Transforming Spaces for a Greener Future

TOAST’s Environmental Design for 'Greenhouse'

In the heart of Sydney, Greenhouse stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability, dedicated to accelerating the collaboration, adoption and impact of climate technologies on a global scale. As part of a government initiative with the City of Sydney, Greenhouse provides affordable space for Australian scale-ups to accelerate their expansion and connect with like-minded groups, investors and partners worldwide.

Our journey with Greenhouse began in 2022 as we worked with the Investible team to devise the strategic framework and detailed visual identity for this future-making brand. The goal was to create a brand that not only reflects Greenhouse's climate positive mission but also resonates with their diverse global community of innovators and stakeholders. We developed a comprehensive strategy that encapsulated their values and set the foundation for a cohesive brand identity.

Continuing our partnership into 2024, we had the opportunity to conceptualise and design the interior branding for the Greenhouse tech hub (where the TOAST office has in fact now moved to!). This project was a significant milestone in our collaboration, as it allowed us to bring Greenhouse's vision to life in a physical space.

Our design concept centred around the 'g' icon that our team created back in 2022, representing the core Greenhouse brand. We envisioned a design that showcased the transition of earthy to vibrant colours, symbolising growth and transformation and remaining aligned with the gradient-based palette in Greenhouse’s brand guidelines. This design was brought to life and installed by local artist, Andy Waddle, of Art of Diversion. In line with our design concept, Andy used recycled bottle caps to create the stunning visuals, perfectly aligning with Greenhouse's core ethos of being climate positive. This innovative approach not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the space but also reinforced the message of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Through his artistry, Andy has turned everyday waste into a meaningful and impactful installation, embodying the spirit of Greenhouse and its commitment to a greener future.

The 'g' designs are more than just visual elements; they are a representation of Greenhouse's journey and impact. The earthy tones on the lower levels create a grounding effect, reflecting the solid foundation upon which Greenhouse is built. As you move upwards, the colours transition to vibrant hues, symbolising the energy and innovation driving Greenhouse's community forward. This seamless blend of colours and elements not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the narrative of growth and transformation.

Our work with Greenhouse and Art of Diversion has been a rewarding journey, allowing us to contribute to a space that is shaping the future of climate tech. By creating an environment that embodies Greenhouse's mission and values, we hope to inspire the innovators and changemakers who will lead the charge towards a sustainable future. As Greenhouse continues to expand and make an impact, we are proud to be a part of their journey. Together, we are transforming spaces and creating a greener, more sustainable world.

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