Unleashing the Potential of Sydney and Australia for Global Climate Action

Unleashing the Potential of Sydney and Australia for Global Climate Action

TOAST proudly presents the brand that our agency has crafted for Climate Action Week Sydney (CAW SYD)! Held from 13-19 May 2024, this is an annual, global event pulsating with activities in the heart of Sydney.

With a vibrant and adaptable colour scheme, this concept revolves around the collective power of societal action. It stands as a testament to the already remarkable collaborative efforts of the 2024 organising team, particularly the branding/marketing task force, a diverse ensemble committed to climate action, including The Being Group, Edge Impact, Greenhouse, Investible and our agency, TOAST.

With a dedication to ensuring the success of Climate Action Week, the branding and marketing team aimed to establish a platform for ongoing engagement and collaboration.

The visual identity for Climate Action Week Sydney underscores the transformative beauty of change through action and the power of togetherness for a common goal.

Dynamic graphic elements, infused with colour and emotion underscore the wealth of opportunity inherent in our innovative city, and elevate the ideas, passion and vision abundant in our community.


A brand that aims to:

- Foster an inclusive Australian Grassroots Movement engaging with all walks of life

- Promote connection, collaboration and commitment to supporting climate action

- Establish a distinctive CAW SYD identity, solidifying Sydney's global leadership, and recognition as a city dedicated to a sustainable future

There is so much more to come, stay tuned and visit www.caw.sydney!

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