Unveiling the Dreams of Alexandria

Unveiling the Dreams of Alexandria

Lenland Property Development and Toast Creative have collaborated with thedreamswehave.com to shine a spotlight on the dreams of the people of Alexandria at Teneo, the developer’s latest development in Sydney’s inner-east.

thedreamswehave.com is a brand-new project by award-winning Australia-based photographer, Billy Plummer. Billy is world-renowned for his portraiture, shooting the likes of Jean Claude Van Damme, Richard Branson, Tony Abbott and more.

More than 50 of the dreams of Alexandria locals will be displayed through striking, human portraits and handwritten messages at the new Teneo sales suite.

“Looking at a portrait, I was always left thinking there was more there than you could see,” said Billy Plummer, Photographer and Founder of thedreamswehave.com. “I had an idea where I would take portraits of people and ask them what they were thinking, specifically what they dreamt of. That’s how thedreamswehave.com project came about. It could be a waking dream, like climbing Everest or having children, or it could be something more unconscious and surreal like turning into a marshmallow,”

“After looking at more than 2,000 dreams, it’s revealing that people generally have the similar dreams around the world, rich or poor, old or young. The photos identify a commonality of reaching for a better life and my project really speaks to that. I genuinely believe that ordinary when examined is absolutely extraordinary. I bring a little of that to everything. I’m really looking forward to capturing more dreams overseas, seeing what this reveals and to watching this project grow,” added Plummer.

The Dreams of Alexandria can be viewed at the Teneo sales suite at 11-15 Ralph St Alexandria 2015

Visit http://teneoalexandria.com.au/ for more information.