Why impactful CSR goes beyond everyday business activity

Why impactful CSR goes beyond everyday business activity

Uplifting brand with tailored CSR frameworks

The world is changing. People have a desire to work with dignity and purpose, not just to pay the bills. Businesses want to partner with like-minded companies who are harnessing their daily operations as a force for good. Customers want to spend with brands who are doing the right thing.

Here enters TOAST’s Corporate Social Responsibility capability. We future-proof organisations to operate more sustainably, extend the underlying purpose of their brand and to bolster the wellbeing outcomes for team members, partners and customers alike.

At TOAST, we choose to define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy as the comprehensive plan for companies to design, execute, and analyse their corporate social responsibility initiatives; the building of a platform to become leading contributors to a better Australia and world. Including, for example, specific operational focus areas around energy, materials, sourcing and production for a reduction in carbon emissions, program design, hiring and promotion, workplace environments, team culture, communication, fundraising and events.

For TOAST, effective CSR goes beyond well-meaning strategy and intent. It’s about embedding changes big and small, immediate and long-term, across all levels of organisations to align positive growth with positive outcomes. Therefore, TOAST’s approach to CSR strategy goes well beyond tokenistic gestures and idealistic hyperbole. It’s about making sure we develop a bold vision that can be delivered today and for years to come.

TOAST believes that relevant, actionable, impactful CSR is the outcome of: firstly, a thorough assessment of an organisation's current practices, policies, and positive outcomes related to environmental, social, and wellbeing aspects; and secondly, bravely identifying areas and opportunities for a better future for business, people and communities. It is a process that works best when there is transparency, openness and willingness to improve.

The process begins with our team analysing all areas of our clients’ corporate operations – the inputs, the outputs; the links in the supply-chain — to define and embed a CSR vision through a robust ESG framework with commitment and governance at the core. So much more than a document that sits on the shelf gathering dust. It’s about identifying areas where improvement is needed and implementing relevant opportunities for change.

Recently partnering with commercial design and construction firm Inovi, TOAST was privileged to be welcomed by their team to review all aspects of their corporate structure, the inner-workings of their offerings, process and sourcing; their overall workplace culture and environment. With unfettered access and understanding of the team’s activity and offering, we were able to define and implement a CSR strategy for Inovi designed to achieve realistic, measurable change for the business - yielding valuable outcomes for the team, the communities in which they work, and the world at large. Stay tuned as we launch and showcase Inovi’s CSR strategy in the coming weeks!

“We are proud to be working alongside TOAST for Inovi's CSR – ESG framework” -

- Frank Cozzupoli,  Director INOVI.

Our team of Future Makers™ at TOAST is driven by passion and we want to continue working in this changemaking space. That’s why CSR vision and strategic implementation has become a defining aspect of TOAST's new future vision to help brands and companies progress into the future with positive growth, and positive impact. Whether it’s obtaining relevant ISO certifications, utilising advisory services from teams like Southpole or joining working groups with MECLA, bolstering your brand with tangible extensions showcases industry commitment and aspiration for growth - taking your business into the future.

We always seek to support brands, organisations and initiatives working to better the future of our world. Please reach out to our team with any questions and project queries, or email our Head Strategist, Emile Rastoll, or Nick Sammut our Managing / Creative Director at hello@toastcreative.com.au.

For more information about our brand and business solutions, please get in touch with our team.

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