WWF - Clean energy is not the future… It's the Now!

WWF - Clean energy is not the future… It's the Now!

WWF is a world leader in sustainable change, with 60 years of demonstrated impact helping ecosystems and animals to thrive.

Today, with forces like global warming threatening the entire planet, introducing sustainable infrastructure has never been more critical in keeping ecosystems, animals and the human race safe.

WWF came to Toast with one week to develop a campaign to support the roll out of their Renewable Recovery plan.

The aim of the campaign was to win major fiscal commitment from Government bodies, introducing renewable infrastructure and driving partnerships with private businesses to bolster the Australian manufacturing industry.

The campaign resulted in a combined $1.2 billion commitment by Federal and State Governments to help bring the Renewable Recovery program to life, along with 80 corporate leaders pledging their support.

“When a topic is divisive, it is sometimes best to double down.” - Emile Rastoll (Partner / ESD Toast Creative)

“Awareness of the problem was not the challenge, the real challenge has always been convincing people what the right plan of action is. We needed to grab attention and display a clear pathway forward that supported all Australians.” said Emile Rastoll.

“It is rare to work on a campaign which creates a benefit for almost every part of Society”- Nick Sammut (Partner / ECD Toast Creative)

“Creativity is often about choosing what not to do, it is easy to over clutter a message and when you do, it loses all salience. We collectively decided to let the message speak for itself, making it easy to pick up, so people could drive the conversation alongside us.” said Nick Sammut.

The results:

• $79m invested by N.S.W to fund renewable energy zone large enough to support 3.5m home

• Federal Government commitment to develop renewable energy technologies in Australia

• $145m invested by Q.L.D to unlock 3 renewable energy corridors

• S.A government announce their commitment to produce 500% of their energy using renewables by 2050

• W.A invests $56m in local solar, $22 in renewable hydrogen, $13m in battery manufacturing

• $12m plan to help community organisations reduce their power bills

• $70.2m invested in hydrogen energy export hub

• $100m committed by A.C.T for bus battery network

80 Corporate leaders committing support to the Renewable Recovery program

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