A TOAST to Excellence

A TOAST to Excellence

14 Awards & Best Medium Studio at the 2023 Sydney Design Awards!

In the dynamic world of design and branding, innovation and creativity are the keys to success. For our team at TOAST, these qualities have not only defined our identity over the past few years, but have also brought us outstanding recognition - something that has all Toasties beaming from ear to ear.

This October, TOAST celebrated a remarkable achievement, winning an impressive 14 awards at the prestigious Sydney Design Awards by BETTER FUTURE Awards, the world’s largest network of design awards run by a global panel of independent design experts.

TOAST was awarded:

GOLD in the Environmental Sustainability category for Greenhouse

GOLD in the Identity & Branding / Corporate category for Sammut Group

GOLD in the Digital Finance category for MezFi

GOLD in the Identity & Branding / Property Services category for Inovi Projects

GOLD in the Identity & Branding / Lifestyle category for TODAY Fitness

In addition, we received 9 SILVER awards celebrating our successful project work for

These 14 award wins span across multiple categories, reflecting the diversity of our team’s skill set and our passion for designing beyond boundaries.

Additionally, TOAST received a surprise addition to these accolades at the awards ceremony. We are proud to announce that TOAST was awarded ‘Best Medium Studio’ - a feat that we are incredibly proud to have reached.

The Sydney Design Awards are a celebration of creativity, honouring innovation and excellence in the fields of design, advertising, and branding. It provides a platform for creative professionals and agencies to showcase their talent, skills, and cutting-edge projects. Multiple GOLDs at this event is a testament to our agency's ability to challenge the status quo and deliver exceptional work.

We are thrilled to have been recognised at this level and to have celebrated amongst such brilliant teams across the design industry. Our awards are fantastic recognition for everyone involved - our clients, the Toasties, partners and suppliers. A big thank you to the BETTER FUTURE Awards for honouring our work in creating the Australian brands that make the future.

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At TOAST, we create strategic campaigns and creative brand identities which engage multiple stakeholders, uniting them around a common goal - to create a better future for Australia.

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