Brand Territory & Visual Identity

Brand Territory & Visual Identity

TOAST community, Happy Tuesday!

It won’t have gone unnoticed, that, here at TOAST, we’ve recently had a bit of a relaunch.

The redesign that you’ve seen take place across our platforms can be wrapped up in the design category of ‘Brand Territory & Visual Identity,’ which encapsulates a brand’s logotype, typography, colour palette(s), imagery and design. This creative cocktail is the vehicle through which a brand communicates its beliefs, values and vision.

Core to our business ethos is the belief and claim that a brand is so much more than an image. A logotype and tagline is simply the tip of the iceberg; strategy, vision and creative delivery all lying below. However, in saying this, a brand’s image and visual identity is its primary medium of communication. It is the walk and the talk, the personality and style of a brand. And, when executed effectively, visual identities convey the very depths of a brand’s mission and strategic vision.

So, what exactly is Brand Territory and Visual Identity?

Captured in the weight of the typography, level of text curvature and curated colour palettes, brand territory & visual identity is how you showcase a brand’s underlying character.

Take a vibrant colour palette, for example. Paired with cursive text and upbeat, comedic language, it forges a triptych connoting joy, play and frivolity. Whereas, a bold sans serif font, dark colours and geometric, angular shapes effectively communicate urban sophistication and luxe charm. The personas portrayed through each brand territory encourage curiosity and intrigue, living on in the mind of the observer. These visual identities communicate the field within which the brands operate and the audience they are targeting, altogether crafting the personality they exude.

Reshaping our own Visual Identity.

A brand is what governs how you make an impact on the world, leaving lasting memories with the people who engage with it. In the case of TOAST, our prior brand identity was not misleading, false nor distasteful in our eyes. Yet, as our business trajectory evolved, it would only have grown to become inaccurate and insufficiently communicate our vision and purpose to our audience. TOAST’s manifesto today preaches innovation, smart thinking and progressive, creative outputs. We create visionary solutions and shape experiences. This is what we needed to represent in our brand uplift.

The bespoke typography used across our new brand territory is angular, contemporary and distinct in its modernity. Strong vectors and sleek geometric shapes communicate our ambitious, future-focused direction. At TOAST, we are future makers, and this is what our new image seeks to represent. Our uplifted brand territory points our agency in a progressive direction and communicates that for your brand, and for our world, we work to challenge the status quo.

Want to see it in action?

Brand Territory & Visual Identity case studies.  

Thus, a brand’s visual identity is what sets a first impression. We may be told to not judge a book by its cover but, it’s unavoidable. It is this public face of a brand that we first subconsciously assess. We take in its portrait of style; the fonts and colour palettes telling us if a brand is sophisticated or demure, playful or edgy.

Therefore, building a brand territory & visual identity starts with knowing yourself and knowing your audience. This is what we deliver at TOAST.


We delve into your business, understanding its core beliefs, assessing your team’s vision and identifying the DNA of your company mission. From here, we dive deeper, immersing ourselves and assessing the drive of your target audience; how a consumer perceives you is key to understand, how they see you, is how they judge whether to engage.

At TOAST, we strategically craft your brand so that it rises above the noise and stands out amongst a sea of competitors. We have been crafting brand identities for quite some time, working across diverse industries and organisations. Below are some case studies which accentuate the dynamic shift that a brand elevation can bring to a company. These are examples, across three different business fields, of brand territory and visual identity uplift that our team has strategically designed for some of our clients.

Xavier Knight

Xavier Knight is an engineering consultancy firm. Established over 10 years ago, their team and endeavours are constantly expanding. TOAST was engaged to represent this in a brand footprint that is fit for their growing and progressive vision.

Space Logic

In a similar vein, Space Logic, a medical storage provider, engaged TOAST to create an uplifted brand identity for their company. Having honed their areas of success and rethought their business deliverables, they sought a brand which communicated their repositioned business focus.

In a similar vein, Space Logic, a medical storage provider, engaged TOAST to create an uplifted brand identity for their company. Having honed their areas of success and rethought their business deliverables, they sought a brand which communicated their repositioned business focus.


Luxcon is a luxury property developer with a reputation for delivering sophisticated residential projects. However, their branding didn’t reflect the company’s crafted and refined nature. TOAST’s challenge was to create a brand identity that conveys Luxcon’s worldly, visionary perspective.

As can be seen, image carries immense power.

Through a ‘simple’ logotype, a brand can make an extraordinarily strong statement.

Brand Territory & Visual Identity is a vehicle of communication that is paramount, and not to be dismissed when considering the impact that a brand’s look and feel can deliver.  

We are Brand Makers.
We are Place Makers.
We are Future Makers.

At TOAST, we are Makers.