Sanctuary’s “Landing” Wins

Sanctuary’s “Landing” Wins

Property Council of Australia Innovation & Excellence Awards

2022 Best Residential Development of the Year

Property developer Sekisui House perfectly understands the role of sustainable property developments - to balance our economic, environmental and social needs, allowing prosperity for now and future generations.

Sekisui House even goes further by “giving back to the community (and to the environment)” through their Japanese philosophy “Satoyama,” harmony between the built environment and nature. Such landscapes of socio-ecological production are mosaics of diverse land usage, shaped through sustainable human interactions with nature over a long period of time.

These principles and core design philosophy underpin their master-planned community “Sanctuary,” raising the benchmark for master-planned communities in Australia.

Today, Sanctuary’s first stage “Landing” has been awarded the Property Council of Australia’s 2022 Best Residential Development of the Year.

TOAST is immensely proud to have created Sanctuary’s strategic roadmap, the overall brand identity and its long-term content marketing, lead generation & communication footprint, while being part of the collaborative force behind Sekisui House’s master-planned community.

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Sanctuary is an idyllic master-planned community located in Wentworth Point. Developed by Sekisui House, designed by Turner Studio and place vision, brand and marketing by TOAST, Sanctuary’s first stage, Landing, shapes the foundation of this masterplan and projects the future experience of living at Sanctuary.

Landing’s delivery consisted of 2 statuesque buildings, home to 364 masterfully-built apartments designed for indoor-outdoor living and optimising an effortless community lifestyle. The “High Life” experience that Landing encapsulates is underpinned by balance and harmony in a community that is perfectly situated to take advantage of the best that Greater Sydney has to offer. It is this essence of Sanctuary, encompassing balance, harmony, nature and community, that TOAST joined Sekisui House in strategically defining.

TOAST’s strategists and creative artists were brought onboard at the project inception stage and selected to craft the positioning, project name and unique brand identity for this new location, achieving longevity for its 10-year development plan and 7 stages of construction, whilst helping to connect the vision of the place to the community and its future residents.

Landing’s strategic brand platform delivered by our team influenced the entirety of Sanctuary’s architecture, placemaking and design initiatives.

At TOAST, we empower places by providing compelling brand footprints that allow audiences to understand the unique attributes and purposes of the spaces they experience, and our work with Sekisui House Australia demonstrates how a brand-first approach creates compelling destinations and lasting place identities.

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