TOAST Shines Bright at the 2024 Australian Design Awards

TOAST Shines Bright at the 2024 Australian Design Awards

In a dazzling celebration of design excellence, TOAST has been awarded 12 awards at the 2024 Australian Design Awards! This prestigious event saw our wonderful Toasties clinch an impressive array of accolades, reaffirming our position as a powerhouse in the global branding industry.

The highlight of our success came with a prestigious GOLD win for our branding work with Inovi in the Graphic Design - Identity & Branding - Property - Services category. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and setting new standards in the field. Cheers to the team at Inovi for collaborating with our team to build such a fantastic branding suite!

TOAST's remarkable achievements didn't stop at Gold; our agency secured a remarkable nine SILVER awards across various categories. 

Our noteworthy Silver wins were received for our brands in the following categories: 

The Know for Better Future - Equity & Inclusion 

MezFi for Digital - Finance 

MezFi for Graphic Design - Identity & Branding - Finance  

Flamingo for Digital - Health 

Coast for Graphic Design - Identity & Branding - Property 

Calico for Graphic Design - Environmental 

Zama for Graphic Design - Identity & Branding - Food 

Sammut Group for Graphic Design - Identity & Branding - Corporate 

These silver awards reflect our team’s design versatility and our ability to craft compelling narratives across such diverse industries. Receiving this level of acknowledgement for our designs is such a brilliant motivator for our team and brilliant clients!

In addition to these wins, TOAST received well-deserved recognition for our exceptional work on the strategic work we delivered for Bohemian and Refilled, in their respective categories of ‘Graphic Design - Identity & Branding - Property - Lifestyle’ and ‘Better Future - Environmental Sustainability’.

This impressive haul at the 2024 Australian Design Awards is a resounding affirmation of TOAST's influence on the global branding stage. Having been honoured with the title of Best Medium Studio at the 2023 Sydney Design Awards, our powerhouse team continues to showcase the depth of our impact and the quality of our determined creative output.

These results are not merely a collection of awards; it is a celebration of the innovation, creativity and the enduring impact of strategic branding that drives TOAST. Congratulations to our team of creative artists, brand strategists and big-picture thinkers, alongside our brilliant client partners! And of course, thank you to the Better Future team at the Australian Design Awards, what brilliant results to kickstart 2024!

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