TOAST Brand Relaunch

TOAST Brand Relaunch

We are TOAST. The strategic thinkers behind the branding and growth objectives of game-changing organisations like Cabcharge, Sekisui House and the recent Australian launch of International Cryptocurrency Bank, Zipmex.

We are a multidisciplinary design agency with a vision for change and a taste for the future. 

For 15 years TOAST has crafted engaging brand footprints. We have pioneered brands’ visions and identified their unique angles. Yet throughout this time we neglected to reflect our own changing identity. The brand footprint of our own name and vision over these years has grown and evolved to be that of a diverse, future-focused team. TOAST’s manifesto preaches innovation, smart thinking and progressive, creative outputs. That is what our new image seeks to represent. 

We help companies strategically-think their brand story. From defining the right narrative to designing complete immersive experiences, we identify unique opportunities for businesses to unite and showcase their powerful vision. Each day we challenge ourselves by delving into new categories, industries and businesses. We capitalise on changing trends and emerging technologies, because we know a brand is more than just words on a page. A brand governs how you make an impact on the world and leaves lasting memories on the people who interact with it. 

With a focus on our areas of passion, expertise and success, TOAST is relaunching and we are funneling our skillset down to three key industry areas of Brand, Place & Future.

As a team, we;

Shape brands to create positive change,

Design connected places that elevate lived experiences, and

Harness innovation to bring the future to life, today.

We make the brands that make the future. 

This is what drives our team.

We have created brand stories for companies that you know and respect. LJ Hooker, Fone King, and The Black Dog Institute.

We have brought place visions to life for key developers in the Australian property market. Sammut Group, Meriton, and Highland Property Group

And we have highlighted issues impacting our future alongside game changing, respected organisations. WWF, The Salvation Army, and NSW Department of Justice. All to name a few. Through these partnerships, we have made impactful brand statements and positively disruptive campaigns that are noticed and make a difference. Our strategic communications campaign with WWF pushed the NSW Government to amend the 2021 Budget to include a $140million investment in a hydrogen export hub, renewable and battery storage microgrids, and programs to support community organisations to lower their energy bills.

For your brand, and for our world; we work to challenge the status quo. 

Emile Rastoll, TOAST’s General Manager “wake(s) up to create unique business solutions… and go(es) to bed dreaming of how our work can help fix current challenges.”

This is why “it is time for TOAST to reflect this passion (of) being a positive future making contributor".

We translate founding visions into memorable, impactful concepts and bring a platform to the issues that matter most. We work to build a better world and help institutions bring smarter, high-quality products and services to life. Big or small, global or local… we delve into the core, launching game-changing brand angles with passion and dedication to make a statement and strike a conversation. We craft complex human stories to resonate across audiences, exhibiting company visions with a lasting impact.

Our team is a collaborative collective of strategic thinkers that empower conceptual ideas. From Anglicare and City of Ryde through to WWF and the Sydney Opera House, we engage with key stakeholders to understand their challenges, expectations, and their fears to create purpose-driven brands.

We thrive on learning and exploring new trends, tastes and markets, anticipating what our culture will demand next. The TOAST of today reflects this fast-paced, changemaking desire. 

We are Brand Makers.
We are Place Makers.
We are Future Makers.

At TOAST, we are Makers.